LOL, j/k… Kinda… 

May Plant Therapy Deals! 

I’m not at all affiliated with Plant Therapy (or any other brand of anything), but I wanted to share these sales for the fellow oilers out there!

They’re doing 10% off select oils for each day of the month. They have free shipping on everything too! And you get a $10 off coupon when you sign up for their mailing list.


There are some significant savings on the larger bottles or organics.  But remember that each separate order is a whole new batch of packing materials and shipping effects.

Shop happy and wisely, y’all!

5/1 – 10 ml Lavender

5/2 – 10 ml Worry Free

5/3 – 10 ml Vetiver

5/4 – 16 oz Clear Complex

5/5 – 10 ml Clarity

5/6 – 10 ml Spikenard

5/7 – 10 ml Rapid Relief

5/8 – 30 ml Organic Peppermint

5/9 – 10 ml Ripple Reducer

5/10 – 30 ml Orange Blood

5/11 – 10 ml Balm Mint Bush

5/12 – 10 ml Organic Citronella

5/13 – 10 ml KidSafe Grow Ease (Previously known as Growing Pains)

5/14 – 10 ml Lemon

5/15 – 10 ml DiGiZen

5/16 – 5 ml Blue Tansy

5/17 – 10 ml Deodorizing

5/18 – 16 oz Younger Glo

5/19 – 10 ml Frankincense Serrata

5/20 – 5 ml Clear Again

5/21 – 10 ml Cedarwood Atlas

5/22 – 10 ml KidSafe Silky Soft

5/23 – 10 ml Let It Go

5/24 – 16 oz Muscle Aloe Jelly

5/25 – 8 Pocket Essential Oil Drawstring Bag

5/26 – 5 ml Spring Blossoms

5/27 – 16 oz Near Perfection

5/28 – 30 ml Nature Shield

5/29 – 10 ml KidSafe Nighty Night

5/30 – 5 ml Rose Absolute

5/31 – 10 ml Shield Me

Pasta Salad Eleventy Hundred Ways : Summer Dinners


It’s getting hot, y’all.  And it’s not even HOT hot yet.

We can still step outside with a smile and enjoy a deep breath of sunshine.  In about a month, we’ll be stank-faced wading through hot-mud-air, aka “humidity,” aka nature’s pit sweat.

Ahh, lovely southern summers!

But the rising temps are making an impact on our appetites.  Especially for my husband who spends a good portion of his work day outside.  When he comes home from a long (LONG) day, the last thing he wants is a bubbly, creamy, rich chicken pot pie.  (I’ll eat the whole thing by myself in the A/C, kthanks. #nowaste #potpieorbust)  But we also want more than dressed lettuce…

Off to Pinterest we go for HotHotHeat compatible meals that are not pasta salad!

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Need to Relax? 

Google “ASMR videos.”

Say what now? What is that? Click here for a quick description.

In short, it’s that delicious feeling you get when your kid spends ten minutes softly brushing your hair. Or the tingles you feel while watching someone gently turn the pages of a book.

What is she saying? It doesn’t matter.

The cap is the best.

There are even kid made ASMR videos for kids!

Or you can watch literally any episode of Bob Ross.

You. Are. WELCOME.

If you watched the videos and you just don’t get it… Welcome to the weird part of the internets!  The cool people hang out here.

Somewhat Successfully Raising Minimalist-ish Kids


For several days now, we’ve had a problem. With our toy box. Specifically the lid and how it won’t shut because toys are starting to mound up.


How does this happen? 



Regardless… we deemed it a Clear Out Day, and we ended up with a tote full of “givers” and a few broken things that needed to go.  I want to share our methods of tempering the chaos that naturally ensues when small children are about and how we successfully destash TOYS without everyone losing their ever lovin’ minds.

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Share with Me : Favorite Small Business 

share with me

Do you have a favorite small business?

Maybe even a local small business?

Let’s share the love! Please leave a comment with a link to a website or social media page for your favorite(s), and share why you love them.

My favorite is going to be…

Southern Naturals

Southern Naturals is a home-based natural body care and wellness company located here in the South Carolina lowcountry. The owner, Samm, is not only super sweet and helpful, but she’s also a Christian momma! Aaaaand she even does some wild harvesting for her creations. How awesome is she?!

She makes a huge variety of products that are all absolutely superb. Soaps, lotions, insect repellents, deodorants, scrubs, balms, and more.

What really solidifies Southern Naturals onto my “Best Ever” list is the customer care. Want to try a free sample of the deo before you buy? Done. Have a question about an item? Super quick responses on Facebook. Can’t make it to the farmer’s market on Saturday to get your diaper cream? She’ll meet you in town during the week. 

Great products by a great human. What more could you want?!

Southern Naturals has a tent at the Summerville Farmers Market (Saturdays 8-1), a Facebook page, and a business website to order from if you’re not local.

Your turn!

The Ultimate Cloth Diaper Post

Theultimatecloth diaperblog post

Somewhere along the way, it was apparently agreed upon that all cloth diaper moms with a blog must write at least one post about cloth diapers

Even if the blog doesn’t have anything to do with babies or reusable products… We find a way to make it happen. 

You knew this post was coming.

And it’s gonna be a doozy.

A little backstory… I’ve been cloth diapering for almost five and half consecutive years. That’s half a decade of washing poo rags every three days. I’ve diapered a boy and a girl from birth through potty training. I’ve done big name brands, no name brands, and I’ve made my own diapers. I’ve used cloth on vacations and we use exclusively cloth at night. I’ve diapered through bad trends (washing diapers in a dishwasher?!) and through good trends (using appropriate amounts of detergent?!). I’ve admined cloth diaper groups and helped troubleshoot and solve problems. (Check us out at the Lowcountry Cloth Diapers Facebook Page or join our group.)

I’m going to share a few (<<LOL) awesome links and a bit of information that I found to be most helpful throughout the years.  Topics are in huge, bold type so you can scroll past anything you don’t find relevant.  This is likely the longest post on the whole innanets, so get your coffee NOW.  Let’s go. Continue reading