Share with Me : Favorite Small Business 

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Do you have a favorite small business?

Maybe even a local small business?

Let’s share the love! Please leave a comment with a link to a website or social media page for your favorite(s), and share why you love them.

My favorite is going to be…

Southern Naturals

Southern Naturals is a home-based natural body care and wellness company located here in the South Carolina lowcountry. The owner, Samm, is not only super sweet and helpful, but she’s also a Christian momma! Aaaaand she even does some wild harvesting for her creations. How awesome is she?!

She makes a huge variety of products that are all absolutely superb. Soaps, lotions, insect repellents, deodorants, scrubs, balms, and more.

What really solidifies Southern Naturals onto my “Best Ever” list is the customer care. Want to try a free sample of the deo before you buy? Done. Have a question about an item? Super quick responses on Facebook. Can’t make it to the farmer’s market on Saturday to get your diaper cream? She’ll meet you in town during the week. 

Great products by a great human. What more could you want?!

Southern Naturals has a tent at the Summerville Farmers Market (Saturdays 8-1), a Facebook page, and a business website to order from if you’re not local.

Your turn!


Plan All The Things

lowcountry hippie.png

I’m a paper-pen-pencil-list type person. If you’re like me, you know exactly what I mean. The office supply aisle is better than the candy aisle. We make lists of lists we’ll make. New notebooks are things of beauty. Ripping into a new package of colored pens or Ticonderoga pencils is akin to Christmas morning.

Making note of things that I’ve done or intend to do helps me immensely in so many areas of my life. I keep a notepad app on my phone to remind myself of blog topics, add to a grocery list (which is written out on paper for the actual shopping), and keep up with some of our activities and appointments.

But there’s just something special.. and effective… about physically writing down goals or chores. No tech device can replace that for me.  So, I’ve decided to take a leap forward from lists.

I’m stepping into the planner life.

All my lists in one book!


They have so many pretty designs.  This one called to me.  “Choose ME, Flower Child Wannabe.”

This is The Happy Planner (Classic version) from Me & My Big Ideas.  I am in love.  Like…I almost cried when I walked into the store, and they actually had what I wanted sitting right there on the shelf.  That never happens!

The Happy Planner comes in three sizes.  The BIG planner is 8.5″ x 11″ and would be great for homeschool lesson plans or maybe a student or appointment heavy professional.  The mini is 4.5″ x 7″ and has enough room for chores, appointments, meetups.  It’s also a great size for standard purses or desk drawers.  The Classic is 7.75” x 9.75” and fits in my #mompurse nicely but opens into a perfectly sized spread.


A pretty page to write your name and contact info!  The graphics in these planners are very Pinterest-y.  Pretty and motivating.

I’ve been trying to find a planner solution for several weeks now.  I studied several different brands and YouTubed reviews endlessly.  Joann had a few really pretty planners and accessories (Color Crush), but nothing with the “it factor.”  Although, the Heidi Swapp accessories were super duper prettiful.  I also very strongly considered starting a bullet journal.

I decided against a bullet journal because…

  • I can’t draw cute titles or straight lines.
  • I freak out at the thought of not being able to add pages into my journal as needed. (I’m a spontaneous and indecisive planner….)
  • I like to plan far in advance and don’t want to have to draw out months and months to plug in future plans.
  • The cost of supplies to achieve my ideal planner would be just as much as a pre-designed planner.
  • Setting it up on my own isn’t something I’d realistically do.

I’ve always used plain notebooks to organize, and I just can’t deal with that style anymore.  I need pre-printed support and pretty, tiny, sticky things.  If it’s left solely up to ME to date and set up a planner, it’ll just never happen.  The half filled notebooks in my drawer can attest to that.  I’ve had success with simple planners before, but I’m SO pumped about this one!  Pages can be added easily, and there are so many accessories, tips, and freebies to be found.

I chose The Happy Planner because…

  • When purchased on sale or with coupons, it works out cheaper than most of the rest.  (lookin’ at you Erin Condren!)
  • Add-ins or Extensions can be added easily.  They slip right in, no need to open the rings at all.
  • The DIY options are endless.  (I’m going to make and add some cardstock pages.)
  • The sticker sets are AMAZING.
  • I can find the brand locally, see it with my own eyes, and bring it home the same day.

The binding rings are actually disks.  The pages slip in and out easily.  I added this page and then removed it to check the sturdiness.  It held up really well!

I purchased this planner and the accessories at Michaels.  (fun fact – I used to work at ACMoore, and Michaels was our biggest competitor!  Sorry, ACMoore!)  The planner itself is originally $39.99, but they’re 50% off this week. (until Jan 14th!)  I also grabbed a pack of folder inserts to hold my receipts, church bulletins, etc until I can jot down all the info into the planner itself.  The folders were $7.99 originally, but I of course had a 40% off one non-sale item coupon.  AND THEN the awesome, helpful lady ringing up my items scanned another coupon for me giving me an extra 25% off the planner.

I got the planner and the folders for less than $20.



The page to the left is the beginning page of the month.  A place for birthdays, holidays, and goals.  Also a list of “Currently into” topics to list what you’re watching, reading, crafting, planning (HAH), and so on.  The page to the right is one of the folder inserts I added.

I’m still debating on purchasing one of the sticker value packs.  ($19.99 for almost 1,500 stickers. $11.99 with a coupon!)  I really wanted the “Everyday Plans” pack, but apparently everyone else wanted it too because it was sold out.

And for anyone out there thinking “My LAWD, that’s a waste of paper and money!”  Let me say…I feel you.  This planner is my “Treat yo’self” item.  I typically steer clear of things like this because I view them as non-essential and usually opt for a cheaper version.  Hence the stack of ten cent notebooks in our school closet…  Today I decided to live on the edge. I bought an expensive calendar.  Hear me roar!

I also already have plans to make cards from the pretty designs and use the other pages to make recycled paper once I’m done using the planner.

I can’t wait to share all my fabulous planner ideas and DIYs!  I’d love to hear how you make the most of your planner, whatever the style.

I’m. So. Happy.

REVIEW : Southern Naturals Deodorant

southern naturals deodorant.png

Southern Naturals

I decided to jump onto the natural deodorant train!

I’ve never been overly stinky, and I absolutely cannot stand the weird stubborn dryness on my underarms when I’m trying to bathe. I mean, yeah, dryness is fine when I’m hauling kids around town in 100° weather, but when I have to scrub and scrub and scrub just to get through the layers of gunk and to my actual skin…. Well, that’s just no good. And smelling like funky, stale deodorant at the end of the day sort of defeats the point of ever putting it on.

I’d seen the brand Southern Naturals recommended countless times in my local natural mom group, so I decided to give it a try.

I tried the Lavender Citrus and the Flower Power.  The Lavender Citrus is my favorite so far!

How well does it work?

It. is. amazing.

I will never go back to drugstore deodorants after experiencing this greatness.

It’s easy to apply and shocked me with it’s performance.  I scoop out a pea sized amount and rub it all over my underarm.  Done! I started using this product in the middle of the Carolina summer, so it really got put to the test.  The scent is very present when first applied, but it fades out a little through the day.  That’s not a bad thing though since the other ingredients do their job and keep odors down while allowing your body to breathe and function normally.  By the time I’m ready for an evening shower, I smell like nothing.  (Other deodorants leave me smelling like a musty closet by this time!)

The thing that sealed the deal for me was how easily it washed away.  No stickiness, no scrubbing.

It really is eye opening to note the differences in a natural product versus a toxic, mainstream product.  This stuff works but with no downside!

Southern Naturals carries a ton of great items.  All homemade by the owner and available for purchase at the Summerville Farmer’s Market and available for order on the website.

REVIEW : Morning Glory Garden’s Natural Soaps

This is a review of a great brand I found at the Summerville Farmer’s Market, Morning Glory Garden.

Morning Glory Garden has a huge listing of soaps like Basil Mint, Lavender Sweet Orange, and Honey Almond Oatmeal. There also offer specialty soaps like Sportsman’s (for hunters), Felted Soap (goat’s milk soap wrapped in wool roving), or Swamp Oil (insect repellent).

Their small but helpful website says they can add ingredients to your chosen soap to make a unique item just for you. Add an exfoliant like oatmeal or apricot kernel meal or choose an oil to meet your needs like comfrey, avocado, or marshmallow.  Contact them with your order, and they’ll have your custom order ready in about seven days!

Did I mention all soaps are wrapped in homemade paper made from recycled paper?!

So much greatness!

Aside from the massive listing of soaps, they also have cuticle creams, lotion bars, fresh cut herbs, handmade baskets, and even 12 flavors of homemade dog treats approved by the SC Department of Agriculture.

Their site has some helpful information for essential oil and herbal newbies including a short list of benefits and qualities of various ingredients. There is also a safety mention for pregnant and nursing women.  No mention of child safety, but all baby items should be independently well researched anyways, right?

What did I get?

I chose to try out a few soaps.  I got a large Spearmint & Raspberry Goat’s Milk, two small Basil & Mint, and a Gardenia Orange with Poppy Seed & French Clay.  The large bar is 4 1/4 oz and costs $4.50 each or three bars for $12.  The minis are about 2 oz and $2 each.  A great price!  The minis make neat giftables!

All of the soaps offered smelled absolutely amazing, and I had a hard time choosing just a few!  The scents are very present but not overwhelming.  They have a very clean aroma that some natural products struggle to achieve.  (Calendula oil, anyone?!)

The soaps themselves lather well and are a nice treat for me as I usually do soapless showers.  One of the things I love most is how cleanly these products rinse away!  An ideal blend of ingredients means no slimy residue…a problem I’ve encountered from items with too much coconut oil, for example.  The scents fill your shower nicely, but don’t linger on the skin for hours afterwards.  I am not a walking perfume sample, after all!  And they have a notable moisturizing effect which is great for the upcoming cool weather.

This is an amazing brand, and I’ll definitely be purchasing from them again!  Remember that the last day for the Summerville Farmer’s Market is December 17th.