It’s Time to Get Serious with Minimalism.

It's time to get.png

I’m a minimalist at heart.  Too bad I’m not a minimalist in reality!

Now, I’ve made huge changes in my life in terms of destashing and prioritizing things. But I still have drawers full of stuff I never use or really even look at.  I still have clothing that I hang on to “just in case.”  I don’t even want to think about that closet full of mangled fabric scraps and half used bobbins of thread.  EEK.  I’ve done some minimal (AHA, PUN!) destashes before, but they were admittedly pretty amateur attempts.  Now I’m ready to get serious!  Or rather…

I’m desperate for a more peaceful space.

I’ve looked back on my past attempts to see how I could be more efficient.  Turns out I made some major mistakes that really crippled my ultimate goal. So here’s my new plan!  Because planning is for winners.  

Stop thinking in terms of organization.

I think this is a pretty common mistake among new minimalists.  Organization definitely has its upsides, but it’s an entirely different circus from minimalism.  We tell ourselves we can keep all this crud as long as we keep it organized.  NOPE.  Stop focusing on finding a spot for everything and start focusing on the productivity of the items themselves.  Organization follows naturally after you minimize.

Have an immediate destination for destashed items.

This is one of my biggest problems.  I’ll clean out a cabinet or closet and end up with piles of items to donate, items to sell, items to give to a friend, items to keep until the next church yard sale…  And while I’m waiting for the sale or forgetting to make a trip to Goodwill, all this stuff is STILL HERE.  Just in a different, even less convenient location than before.  If I plan to donate, we are going right now.  If I want to give to a friend, I’ll send them a message saying, “I’m coming by your house TODAY.”  If I have yard sale gold, I’ll ask to have it stored at the church.  Again, organizing into piles does nothing.  It moves out today or it gets trashed.

Don’t follow the “Does This Bring Me Joy?” method.

This is a popular minimalism method where you assess each item individually, asking yourself, “Does this item bring me joy?”  Granted, I haven’t read Marie Kondo’s book, so what do I really know?  But I’ve developed my own assessment technique that works for me.  (Because home school attendance records do NOT bring me joy, but I have to have it.  Because my washing machine does not bring me joy, but it’s better than no washer.)  I utilize the “Would I Be Super Duper Bummed If I One Day Discovered I Needed This Destashed Item” method.

Rate items on a scale of 0-10.

  • 0 being I don’t even remember what I got rid of/I’m so glad it’s gone!
  • 5 being I could probably have used it, but meh.
  • 10 being I threw away the winning Powerball ticket.

Anything less than a 7ish definitely goes.

The time has come.

Minimalism is here.

Updates to follow!