I guess you could say this is my disclaimer. A confession that while I aspire to be all natural, all Christian, and all peaceful all the time in every way… I’m not. But life is about change and embracing new knowledge with an open heart and mind. So, I’ll keep it honest.

I’m a 29 year old (when did that happen?) mom and wife living in the South Carolina lowcountry. I was born and raised in the upstate in a very small town that still has my heart. The big city of Charleston is a little much for me, but my family has found balance in the Berkeley County outskirts.

I’m a stay at home mom, homeschooler, crafter, and hopeful minimalist. I consider myself to be pretty naturally inclined, even though I do struggle with some aspects of natural living.  (Fast food…why must you be so tasty?!)

My natural journey started during my pregnancy with my first child.  Our prenatal appointments with our obstetrician were about three minutes long and hundreds of dollars a visit.  In searching for a provider with more patient focused care within our budget, we came across Charleston Birth Place.  Midwifery care led me into the rabbit hole that is natural health balanced with evidence based information.  We chose to cloth diaper our children which really got the ball rolling in terms of green living and being conscious of toxins in everyday products.

Since then I’ve come to question almost everything and seek out alternative options for our families health and living.  I’ve made great strides, but I still have very far to go!

Here’s a list of my crunchy habits and interests.
Unmedicated vaginal births at a freestanding birth center under the care of Certified Nurse Midwives
(although this isn’t really a habit…)
Baby Led Weaning (I believe in waiting well past the age of six months)
Attachment Parenting, Gentle Parenting, Peaceful Parenting
Cosleeping and Bedsharing
Natural Remedies
Essential Oils and Herbs
Intactivism, Genital Integrity for All, Whole Body Education
Bodily Autonomy
All Natural Body Care
Vaccine Dangers and Reeducation