When Life Gives You a #LOLNO

June 5th. Our first intentional, recordable day of homeschool. 

It’s gonna be fabulous, right?!

*Two year old accidentally whacks five year old in the head. WITH A HAMMER.*

Conclusion of Homeschool Day One

Field Trip – Emergency Room

Vocabulary Word – Sutures

Math – How long does it take Dad to travel 30 miles if he drives at 150% times the posted speed limit?

Artistic Expression – Carrie impersonation.

The Homeschooler recovered quickly with no serious injuries.

The Whacker received EXTRA EXTRA lecturing on “What Not to Hammer.”

Mom needs a nap.


14 thoughts on “When Life Gives You a #LOLNO

  1. That is scary! (But your telling was hilarious). I wanted to go to the library the other day and 3 year old closed the car door on the 1 year old’s hand. Thankfully he was okay but I was so scared.

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