Are You Busy Yet? 

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Summer is almost here! And so comes the busy-ness.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately and what I will be getting into over the next few months!

My husband and I organized and catered a luncheon for a Christian lady’s conference. One girl. One oven. 500 cookies. And sooooo. much. chicken. But we nailed it and with two little kids in tow! Serving can be hard, but so rewarding.

I also finally chose our homeschool accountability association. It’s called At Home in the Lowcountry. Perfect, right? With a discounted membership fee coming up, we will be all set to legally homeschool this year for… Wait for it… $20!!

I’ve found two local co-ops for the upcoming school year, both of which are local. (A rare find!) I’m also volunteering to be an activity helper for one group. (Free membership AND mom friends? Yes, please.)  Socialization, here we come!

Aaaand I’m going to take a concealed carry permit test soon. (I have no idea how my readers feel about this topic, but I’d love to answer any questions you might have!) Between hunting, home defense, and the fun of target shooting, I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet (ahahahahahaa) and take the next step in gun ownership responsibility and firearms education.

My essential oil collection is expanding! I’ve found some new favorites, found some that are quite “ehh,” and I’ve tried some new brands. I hope to write up a post soon to share experiences and ideas!

VBS is on the horizon. A week of herding human turtles into classrooms, shaking glitter off my shirts, and innumerable “WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER YOU PEE”s. Every year, I’m exhausted beyond measure at the end, but I keep going back. Dependable or just insane? Who knows. But there’s free spaghetti, so it can’t be all that bad, right?

And I turn 30 this year.

What awesome activities and new adventures do you have coming up?


7 thoughts on “Are You Busy Yet? 

  1. I LOVE that you are homeschooling !!! I have such high regard for those that do…my girls are grown, but I don’t think even back in their younger days that I would have had the patience to teach them ! Kudos to you ! VBS and a Ladies Conference….you are an extremely busy lady !!!! (PS – LOVE my essential oils too!!!!)

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  2. What an appropriate name for your homeschool! I don’t know much about firearms (ok, that’s an understatement). In Quebec (Canada), there is a lot of prejudice around personal firearms, well, actually about firearms in general. I find myself equal parts intrigued and apprehensive at the thought of the possibility that someone might be carrying a firearm, concealed or otherwise.

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    • I grew up in an area where pretty much everyone had at least a couple firearms of some type. Hunting was/is common for most families, and spending a Saturday shooting at a range is actually really fun and relaxing. The high school I went to even required all students to pass a full semester of hunting education in order to graduate. There are many concealed carriers here, although you’d never know it!

      My husband is actually considering taking some courses to become a firearms instructor. His grandfather was a champion competition shooter too! Gun safety is one of the first things we teach our children, and I’m absolutely going to count it as a homeschool subject. 😁 Both my five year old and two year old were practicing holstering and unholstering (with plastic guns) last night. The differences in views vary so greatly from place to place!


  3. It all sounds exciting! Congrats on the homeschool stuff. That’s really great about the co-ops and accountability name. I’m in the middle of organizing and decluttering my house, have a trip to NYC, Philadelphia and Boston coming up (with my boys), and I’m learning how to use my new Photoshop Elements on my pc. Other than that, I’m enjoying having all my college kids home while they’re on break, and finishing out this homeschool year with my teen. Loved your post! Happy almost-summer. ☀️


  4. Great stuff! Good job on the luncheon!!! And YEAH for the concealed carry permit!! I am very much for people doing whatever they want as long as it’s safely done. There is much variance around the country on what people want to do with guns (eg here in NJ the laws are very strict, but in the central and west parts of the state we are quite rural and pro-gun, so we’re a bit tamped down by the govt), so I’m all for people following state laws. That reminds me that we really should get a gun….
    I feel like we are doing nothing too important. Just some zoo trips, working on our gardens, helping our 3.5yo learn to swim (!!), and see our 16mo grow like a weed around her big sister!! I’m enjoying the day to day even though I feel like we don’t do much. Summer will be here before we know it!

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