“Lowcountry Institute for Exceptional Booger Flickers” : Naming a Homeschool 

This year will be our first year legitimately homeschooling. As in… We’ll have to send official documents to people and pinky promise to actually do stuff other than watch Leapfrog on YouTube. 
I feel oddly undaunted by the thought of being the dominant educator of two real-life humans. I don’t know if I’m the calm, organized yet free spirited mom or the utterly hapless, disaster-is-imminent mom

One of the things on my mind is our school name. I know quite a few homeschool families, and every. single. one. is named LastName Academy. 

We have to be different. Obviously

I also don’t like the word academy. It makes me think of soldiers for some reason, and likening our home life or schooling philosophy to anything remotely orderly and stringent would be a farce. 

I also don’t want my children to cringe each time they have to write “Darth Vader Memorial High School” or “Academy of the Elven Fleet” or some other ridiculousness on job applications for the rest of forever. (Some people really take their homeschool names to the edge.)

However, I would like our name to be somewhat original and unique and speak to who we are. 

I’m interested in hearing what other homeschoolers have named their school. Or if you’re not a homeschooler, what would you name a family school? 


20 thoughts on ““Lowcountry Institute for Exceptional Booger Flickers” : Naming a Homeschool 

  1. We never really thought about a homeschool name until I was at Barnes & Noble and was told I could get an educator discount. We live in Jones Creek, so I put down “Creekside Academy” without really thinking about it. Never mind the fact that the creek is on the other side of the highway from our house. Ha!

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  2. I hear you! I personally would have never thought to name our homeschool, “Madsen Academy.” Or any other academy. When we first started homeschooling, since it was just my young son and I, we called ourselves, “2 Cute Explorers”. It just fit us. Then for the next few years, his sisters joined us and one day I told them we should have a name since I was starting a homeschool blog. My oldest daughter came up with, “Happy Hearts Homeschool” because homeschooling makes us happy. But now I need to rethink that name as my daughters have both graduated, it’s back to just my son and I and that name is an embarrassment to a teenage boy! 😂

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    • We have to have a name for the route we’re going. Our state has a couple different ways to homeschool, and we’ve chosen one of the more independent options that doesn’t automatically come with a name. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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  3. I named ours Ely Preparatory School. Not outrageous or anything. We don’t know too many Elys (Ee-Lee) and my husband and I are trying to prepare our children for life, so this was the “unique” combination I came up with.

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  4. We just needed a technical title to register online (Kansas really doesn’t care what you do, you just register online and that’s that forever) and had to come up with something on the spot. My daughter suggested The Moth-ery but we realized it looks weird written out. (The Mothery. Lol.) My husband adjusted it so it would work out and we registered as The Mothiary. Sounds intriguing and mystical and is [mostly] kid created, and fits with our nature centered, on-the-go style.


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