Dear Future Generation, 

I promise not to be a jackhole when I get older.

As a millennial, I can’t help but wonder what the next generation will have to deal with. Because of the year in which I was born, some people assume I’m selfish, entitled, impatient, ungrateful, incapable, dumb, narcissistic, emotionally whacked, so on and so on. It’s assumed that I don’t know how to cook, sew, garden. It’s assumed that I’m gadget obsessed and never drink from a garden hose. It’s assumed I’d die before finding my way home with only a folding map to guide me. 

Dear Future Generation… I got you. 

I promise not to make underhanded comments when you can’t change a flat tire because you were too busy curing diseases my generation didn’t take seriously.  

I promise not to shake my head in disdain when you say you don’t make many meals from scratch because your parents were never home to teach you how. 

If you get through 12+ years of school and still can’t figure out your change or a 20% tip in your head, I promise to take on at least part of the blame on behalf of my own generation. 

I promise not to do something asinine like insist on handing out mass participation trophies, display them on a shelf for years, and then blame you for ever accepting them while wondering aloud why you don’t try harder. 

I promise I’ll try really hard not to laugh at you when you cry and can’t handle the emotional wasteland that my generation ushered in. 

I promise not to cherry pick among your faults, then turn around and gobble up all your spectacular inventions, discoveries, and ideas like soft peppermints.

I promise I’ll spend at least as much time lifting you up as I do poking fun at you. 

All my love, 

A Millennial
How do you feel about generation separation? 


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