Reflections and Progress. The New Year Post.

Reflections and Progress on My Path.png

I’m seeing so much positivity and many hope-filled resolutions being shared all over my social media and blog reader. I’m loving it! I’m also really excited about the new year. This is actually my first year with legitimate goals and real resolutions. But before I put on my rose colored glasses and tell you all about how awesome my 2017 is going to be… I want to take a moment and reflect.

I’ve seen quite a few “good riddance, shoddy 2016” comments sprinkled within all the resolution goodness. And maybe some people really did have a cruddy year. But I want to start my new year not by remembering the ickiness and failures of the previous year, but rather by remembering all the things I got right, gathering up the momentum I’m bringing into 2017, and focusing on the base on which I’m building my “new year.”

In 2016, I became a better parent.

I opened my mind to the idea that children (babies included) are actual people that deserve the same respect, measured responses, and validation as any other human. Maybe that sounds like a huge DUH statement to you, but my natural (as in how things are meant to be) parenting journey took a wild swing this year. For the better.

In 2016, I committed to better, healthier products.

I’ve been dropping my sketchy body care and household items left and right and have been replacing them with more natural, simple items.

In 2016, I made better diet choices.

Processed foods are out, real food is in. I still splurge on goodies or fast foods, but it’s now seen as an infrequent fling for funsies and not a dependence on “quick and easy” options. Quick and easy can still be healthy.

In 2016, I became an advocate.

I came much more outspoken about genital integrity and the case against routine infant circumcision. I’ve made posts, awkwardly started conversations, collected research. I’ve saved babies.

I’m riding my 2016 wave right on into this new year.

I’ve never actually made a New Year’s Resolution. Not one single half-hearted attempt.

I’ve always thought it was a little silly or just pointless. A reason to feel positive on January 1st and then like a failure two weeks later. And honestly… I’ve never really had a reason to make a resolution.

That seems so sad to me now.

This year feels different. I feel so… AWAKE. This year I have so many goals I’ve actually felt a hint of worry that I might be overdoing it. And then I remember that these are my goals, my passions, on my time, with no expiration date.

Big things are happening this year.

Our homeschooling journey goes LEGIT.

This will be out first year homeschooling legally, joining co-ops, keeping records, etc. I feel confident. Not necessarily prepared for perfection, but confident in where I want this journey to go and the general path we want to take.

This year I want to give more of myself.

I’m a pretty quiet and reserved person. A homebody. This year I want to let more of my real self be seen. I want to be open in my friendly chats. I’m going to tell you about how awesome menstrual cups are and how positive thinking has changed my life. I’m a unique hippie lady, and it’s time I stop covering up my secret identity.

I also want to give more of myself to God and my family. I want to do more for my church, for my community. I want to give my children more hugs, more stories, more mom time. I want to love my husband more intensely, more passionately.

But I also want to be less.

I want to create less waste. (Looking at you, Zero Waste people!) I want to minimize my household objects to create a space of comfort and calm and appreciation rather than just live in tolerance of their existence. I want to spend less. Less dirty dishes in my sink. Less worries in my head. I want to need less.

This year is already great.


2 thoughts on “Reflections and Progress. The New Year Post.

  1. I loved this statement: I also want to give more of myself to God and my family. I want to do more for my church, for my community. I want to give my children more hugs, more stories, more mom time. I want to love my husband more intensely, more passionately.

    The only advice I have is to elevate the husband statement above the children. Hard right? Not hard. Your marriage is priority. To love more intensely and passionately requires daily hard work.

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    • You’re totally right! I actually DO do this despite the order of my sentences haha! As a family, we serve Christ. He is number one. For me, as a wife and Christian woman, my husband comes next as the head of our family, appointed by God. I’ve been head over heels for him since I was four <3, and I firmly believe in biblical submission to a biblical man. Being a good mother has not come to me as naturally and easily as being a good wife though. The order here is based on the extent to which I need to improve. I have to say… I'm a pretty excellent spouse 😉


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