DIYing and My Personal Minimalism


I used to think minimalism was all about having less stuff.  But the deeper I dig, and the greener I get, the more I’m realizing how minimalism applies to so much more in life.

Minimal spending.

Minimal stressing.

Minimal impact.

Minimal sourcing.

It’s simplification in the most compounded way.

For example, I’m making significant strides in switching to more natural body and beauty products.  And while I love supporting local businesses and people that share my beliefs, I also want to achieve more independence in this realm.  I want to be more self-sustaining.  I want to eliminate the middle man between me and my (minimal) stuff.

One less step.  One less shipment.  One less dollar.

I have several DIY projects floating in my head, and I’m super excited about them!  There are ready made alternatives that I could buy or even pre-made supplies that I use, but I’m hoping to go as independent as possible.

If only I had a goat to make my own goat milk soap…  Dream big, right?!

It’s definitely going to be a challenge meshing these two sides of myself.  The crafter in me wants to hoard ALL THE THINGS because there are so many grand possibilities for random scraps.  But the minimalist in me screams NONE OF THE THINGS.


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