REVIEW : Morning Glory Garden’s Natural Soaps

This is a review of a great brand I found at the Summerville Farmer’s Market, Morning Glory Garden.

Morning Glory Garden has a huge listing of soaps like Basil Mint, Lavender Sweet Orange, and Honey Almond Oatmeal. There also offer specialty soaps like Sportsman’s (for hunters), Felted Soap (goat’s milk soap wrapped in wool roving), or Swamp Oil (insect repellent).

Their small but helpful website says they can add ingredients to your chosen soap to make a unique item just for you. Add an exfoliant like oatmeal or apricot kernel meal or choose an oil to meet your needs like comfrey, avocado, or marshmallow.  Contact them with your order, and they’ll have your custom order ready in about seven days!

Did I mention all soaps are wrapped in homemade paper made from recycled paper?!

So much greatness!

Aside from the massive listing of soaps, they also have cuticle creams, lotion bars, fresh cut herbs, handmade baskets, and even 12 flavors of homemade dog treats approved by the SC Department of Agriculture.

Their site has some helpful information for essential oil and herbal newbies including a short list of benefits and qualities of various ingredients. There is also a safety mention for pregnant and nursing women.  No mention of child safety, but all baby items should be independently well researched anyways, right?

What did I get?

I chose to try out a few soaps.  I got a large Spearmint & Raspberry Goat’s Milk, two small Basil & Mint, and a Gardenia Orange with Poppy Seed & French Clay.  The large bar is 4 1/4 oz and costs $4.50 each or three bars for $12.  The minis are about 2 oz and $2 each.  A great price!  The minis make neat giftables!

All of the soaps offered smelled absolutely amazing, and I had a hard time choosing just a few!  The scents are very present but not overwhelming.  They have a very clean aroma that some natural products struggle to achieve.  (Calendula oil, anyone?!)

The soaps themselves lather well and are a nice treat for me as I usually do soapless showers.  One of the things I love most is how cleanly these products rinse away!  An ideal blend of ingredients means no slimy residue…a problem I’ve encountered from items with too much coconut oil, for example.  The scents fill your shower nicely, but don’t linger on the skin for hours afterwards.  I am not a walking perfume sample, after all!  And they have a notable moisturizing effect which is great for the upcoming cool weather.

This is an amazing brand, and I’ll definitely be purchasing from them again!  Remember that the last day for the Summerville Farmer’s Market is December 17th.


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